Now 10 days after TAS2015, what we retained and recommend – What is being done for African ICT Creativity

At TAS2015 many interesting subjects were discussed, but one of the most awaited subject was on how to reinforce the “African ICT Creativity” meaning “Africa needs to gain capacities to develop its own ICT tools, being tech products, tech services and tech applications”.

The subject was analyzed under many perspectives and here are those we retained and recommend in order to be in line of what is coming next…

  • Digital transition – modelling attractive investment opportunities

  • The Digital Enterprise – new ways of creating wealth

  • Previewing what is next beyond the incubators and accelerators

Much has been said and done within the 3 days and, thanks to the event organizers, almost all the content is available online. Don’t forget to check on the 2013/2015 Transform Africa Youtube Channel.

Have a nice watch and read.

Now 10 days after TAS2015, what we retained and recommend