Socially yours – We are now on Facebook

As it was announced in our post of May 21, 2015 about our online presence, we are back again with good news for you our fans, present and having fun on Facebook:

Click here and know more about what we are publishing on Facebook.

As it can be expected from the native digital users that you are, our aim in publishing on Facebook is multiple:

Making sure you get our latest publications as for our offers, events and news, most importantly, right from your Facebook activity feed;


 Interacting with you, your friends, family and your community as for the activities that can affect your day-to-day life in order to get your efficient feedback and comments;


 Be more aligned with your needs and expectations from our proposed added-value services and collaboration offers;


Associate you with our social impact efforts that we hope will benefit to your personal projects by adding more to your efforts and all of this, with fun; 

And continuing with our ambition to better serve you, we are preparing the rest of our programmed online presences. One item is remaining, Our Corporate Company Blog. Watch here our tic-toc…

But now see…We are already on , and 

Yes! You can start following us now on our  Company page here

You can as well watch our set of selected videos on our  Channel page here

You can also follow our  activity on our Company page here

 And now, come and have fun with us from our  Company page here

Socially yours – We are now on Facebook