Safety is the Key : A seminar to inform and workshops to practice about Lightning and Surge Protection

Yes, we chose an umbrella as a sign of protection because we believe that Safety is the Key to a successful business environment, whatever the field.

We all have had at some point of our life stories about Lighting and Surge, and many of them go like:

  • Series of lightning that stroke businesses and damaged all of their computer systems;
  • Lighting that damaged the newly bought and most importantly critical material within a hospital;
  • Lightning that damaged many of the newly deployed Telecom towers in an area located in the very deep countryside;

Or they also go like:

  • Surge accident that destroyed an inestimable newly imported processing machine of that well-known company;
  • Surge accident that affected almost the totality of that awesome business building with a huge impact on the whole country business;

But, what if we can leave these negative news and seize this positive news. On November 12, 2015 from 9 AM to 1 PM @The Office alongside our partner DEHN Africa, we will be talking about DEHN products and services. Join us so as to get information about the way these products and services can protect your home and family as well as your company, your material assets and most of all, your human assets.

Practical workshops will be organized with a focus on the following indutries:

  • Energy  with knowledge on how to protect
    • Biogas plants,
    • Solar power plants,
    • Multi-megawatt turbines
  • Technology with knowledge on how to protect
    • Computer systems and networks,
    • Videosurveillance systems and networks,
    • Radio and mobile networks and towers
  • Infrastructure with knowledge on how to protect
    • Residential and business from surge electrical accidents,
    • Industrial machinery from lighting strikes

Get in touch with our organizing team to get your invitation.

Safety is the Key : A seminar on Lightning and Surge Potection