Our Online Presence – Getting closer to you

For the last 2 years, you have been following us through our website in order to know more about us, about our products, our partners and mainly to know more about how we can work together.

We thank you very much for your loyalty and look forward to further work with you.

Based on the feedbacks provided by some of you, we followed those voices raised in order to provide you with an even better experience in:

Easing our communication to you as for our offers, events and news;


 Making it possible for you to efficiently feedback and comment on what we showcase;


 Be more aligned with your needs and expectations from our proposed added-value services;

In order to better serve you, we are preparing a bunch of other interesting presences, including:

 Our Corporate Company Blog

 Our company Facebook page

 Our company LinkedIn page

And we are already on  and 

Yes, guess what! You can start following us now on our  Company page here

You can as well watch our set of selected videos on our  Channel page here

Our Online Presence – Getting closer to you